Number of Comments, Elements, Bands, Criteria or Rubrics

The number entered here determines how many items will be used in the assessments. Depending on the type of grading strategy, this number gives the number of comments, assessments elements, bands, criteria or categories (sets) of criteria in a rubric. Typically an assignment will have something between 5 to 15 assessment items, the actual number depending on the size and complexity of the assignment.

During the set up phase of the exercise this number can safely be adjusted. Increasing this number will cause extra blank elements to be displayed in the assessment form. Reducing this number will remove elements from the end of the assessment form.

All assessments have a General Comments field. For a "No Grading" assignment the value given here determines the number of additional comment areas. It can be specified as zero and results in the assessment having only a single General Comments area.

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